Shower Policy

Showers are a limited resource, but we still want the dance to be a positive experience for everyone involved. Personal hygiene is important to ensuring our environment is a pleasant place for all dancers. Each dancer is guaranteed one shower slot per day and we are scheduling shower slots due to the limitation of hot water and stress on the septic tank. Egg timers will be provided in each of the Big House bathrooms, limiting showers to six minutes each. To encourage water conservation, double occupant showers are permitted 10 minutes. Dancers should bring their own towels and toiletries, and we will be maintaining the fragrance-free policy in place at the Phinney Dance.

Each shower is on its own hot water tank. To provide as much hot water as possible, water tank thermostats are set to above-scalding temperatures. It is crucial that you start with cold water and slowly add hot water to avoid burns. Please take this warning seriously, we want to keep everyone safe!

Personal Belongings

We are requesting members of our community to provide some things for themselves.

Dancers are responsible for bringing their own:
Toiletries (soap, deodorant, shampoo, emergency roll of toilet paper), towel, tent (if camping), sleeping bag (if camping/on floor), sleeping mat (if camping/on floor), and flashlight/headlamp.

Dancers are requested to bring their own (but limited disposable supplies will be available): cup/mug, plate, bowl, and utensils.